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beautifierce asked:

Hey guys it's Todd! Yeah baby!!! White guys connect. Looking for any fly single females. Where are you baby? White guys connect .fuck


lmao! Go to this website:

there’s a poll on there asking if you think its racist so everybody check ‘no’

p.s. the comments are full of funny white tears




The man in the picture above is Masai Stewart. He’s the son of a colleague of mine and has been wrongly imprisoned by the state of NY. His mother would like for people to sign this petition. We only need 34 signatures, but it would be amazing if we got more than just 34 more signatures. We need to stop spending taxpayer money criminalizing mental illness and help people with their illnesses instead of making them worse. The petition is here, so please sign and share.

I wanna say thanks to those who are reblogging and signing. The power of numbers and solidarity is just astounding. Thank you. ♥

Don’t doubt yourself


When you get the feeling that you might have been subjected to subtle racism, trust your instinct. Don’t doubt yourself.

The people telling you “it’s probably nothing”, “you’re just oversensitive”, etc are interested in protecting their own feelings, appeasing their white guilt, etc.  

Your instincts, on the other hand, are interested in your survival. 

Trust yourself. Especially when others doubt you. 

Yall lol my older cousin who’s one of those “new blacks” who only dates light skinned black people just wanted to fight me over a heated debate we just had. I had source after source after source and she had the nerve to say, “I just don’t believe it.” I said “You do. You just hate for me to be right.” and she literally tried to charge at me.

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